Remotely Controlled Single-Phase Electric Meter Supporting Different Tariffs


  • Dr Ali Gliwan Misurata University
  • Mohammed. Aifa
  • Mohammed Belaed


The purpose of this project is to follow up on earlier research aimed at enhancing Libya's electric service as well as offering a working prototype of the entire system. In continuation of the previous study, we have improved the design of the single-phase electric meter. The new and improved meter can accommodate a range of tariff options such as Day and Night, Domestic, or Commercial, and two payment methods - Postpaid or Prepaid. We have ensured that the meter display remains user-friendly while utilizing an existing mobile network.

To streamline electric meter readings and minimize the need for human intervention, the national mobile network is leveraged to communicate with all meters within its range. This approach significantly reduces the likelihood of errors caused by human involvement, while also driving down the cost of the entire reading process. To achieve this, a communication protocol has been developed to enable two-way communication with the Remote Central Server (RCS) via Short Message Service (SMS). This allows for real-time monitoring and analysis of customers' electric meters, facilitating tasks such as generating invoices, adjusting tariffs, selecting payment options, and activating or suspending electric service. Additionally, a user-friendly payment system has been implemented to facilitate payments via SMS using a top-up voucher




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Gliwan, D. A., Aifa, M., & Belaed, M. (2023). Remotely Controlled Single-Phase Electric Meter Supporting Different Tariffs. Elmergib Journal Of Electrical and Electronic Engineering ISSN: 2959-0450, 2(2), 1–10. Retrieved from