Design and Simulation of Automatic Pasta Machine


  • Ausama Ahmed Elmergib university
  • Najmi Wafi
  • Mftah BinHasan
  • Moad Kahal


Cooking machine, Proteus, Pasta, Arduino


The cost of living in most countries is going up with time, which causes people to work harder for longer period of times to meet their needs. This made doing their everyday tasks like laundry and preparing daily meals harder as the free time is shorter. Healthy living requires doing a number of tasks, such as cleaning the house, cooking the meals exercising, entertainment …etc., all of this should be done in the free time. Some people do not know how to cook, while others do not have the time and sometimes, may not have the mood to cook. That causes people to rely on buying food or eating unhealthy and bad quality food like sandwiches and fast food. A good solution for the food problem is designing a robot or an automatic machine that can cook a good food with no, or limited, supervision. Having such a robot, also allows doing other tasks. In this paper, an Arduino powered pasta machine is proposed and simulated. The user puts the ingredients in the machine, then the machine starts cooking immediately or after a specified period of time. It is designed with the a focus on utilizing locally available parts. The simulation was carried out using Proteus Design Suite.




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Ahmed, A., Wafi, N., BinHasan, M., & Kahal, M. (2023). Design and Simulation of Automatic Pasta Machine. Elmergib Journal Of Electrical and Electronic Engineering ISSN: 2959-0450, 2(3), 13–22. Retrieved from